During COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) pandemic, the Way To Serve team is doing our best to answer questions and handle problems as quickly as possible. We apologize if it takes us extra time to respond, as many of us are working from home.

Each state has issued COVID-19 guidance that may affect licensed alcohol premises and alcohol servers. Please refer to the following websites for updated information from your state:

New Mexico: Alcoholic Beverage Control Division and Department of Health
Texas: Governor’s Executive Order
Washington State: Coronavirus Guidelines

Also, please view the CDC's recommendations for ways to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We hope that you and your employees, coworkers, friends, and family stay safe and healthy.

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Way To Serve

Is an exciting new alcohol server training program using the latest online multimedia. Complete the training at your own pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Train today, serve tonight!

Educational Simulations

Use Way To Serve's educational modules to practice your skills for responsible alcohol service.

Don't just read, get involved, practice, and take action.

The SERVE System

With the unique SERVE system, you can quickly and easily keep track of how much alcohol your customers are drinking.

It helps keep them under the limit and safe.

In Compliance with Your State Laws

Way To Serve is customized for your state. Learn the laws that apply to you.

Get certified in your state.

Welcome to Way To Serve

Way To Serve is an exciting new training program to get alcohol server training on your own computer. Complete the training at your own pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to travel to a class.


Way To Serve is approved by your state to provide training in responsible beverage service. You can be sure that when you successfully complete Way To Serve, you are certified in your state.

Multi-media Presentation

Way To Serve uses the latest multimedia interfaces available on the Internet to create an engaging and enjoyable training program. Information is presented in videos, graphics, and animation, as well as text.Take advantage of the best learning environment the Internet has to offer.

Educational Simulations

In Way To Serve, you don't just sit and read page after page. Instead, interactive simulations get you involved in the learning. The Way To Serve training presents information and then shows you how it can be applied and gives you activities to practice it.

Unique SERVE System

Way To Serve gives you an easy to learn and simple to use drinking counting technique to keep your customers safe. The SERVE system enables you to check your customer, count their drinks, and keep them under the BAC limit to drive and be safe.

Made just for servers and managers like you

Way To Serve was built with input from servers and managers. It was tested throughout production to be sure the training is user-friendly and engaging, and presents skills in real-world settings servers and managers encounter every day.

Check Your Learning

Way To Serve tests how well you learn to serve alcohol responsibly. Quizzes at the end of each learning module cover the information presented. When you pass a quiz, you move on to the next module.

With You Every Step of the Way

Once you register, the Way To Serve video hosts guide you through the training. Once you complete the training, Way To Serve provides a copy of your official certificate.

Start, Stop, and Start Again.

Way To Serve tracks your progress. You can leave for a while and when you return, the program will start where you left off. You have 1 month from registering to complete the training.